2014 Adobe Illustrator CS6 | Adobe Photoshop CS6
Skills needed: Illustration, Packaging, Dexterity Back to Potfolio

The brief was given for the HND graded unit in Graphic Design. It proposed a selection of themes to choose from and required to design a publication related to it. I chose “10 things you should know about space travel”. The publication had to cover a serie of 10 different subject areas that inform and enthuse the audience on that particular theme. It had to be concise and relevant to the understanding of the subject and had to express a meaningful hierarchy of information. The publication also had to be light-hearted and, illustrative material was highly encouraged.

I decided to make some sort of a survival kit for this subject. I thought it was fun and would defintely suit the target audience. It included 2 Lego spacemen (that seem to be in hybernation), an astronaut drink and 10 cards with information about space travels.

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