Alternating Currents

2016 Adobe Illustrator CS6
Skills needed: Illustration, Dexterity Back to Potfolio

Alternating currents was a brief given by the Edinburgh's Napier University. As a group of 5, we were to imagine the future of Scotland, either in an alternative world or a prolongation of our current present. Each person of the group was to create at least a serie of 3 objects.

Our group decided to set our alterative future in the year 2050. Scotland seperated from the UK and the EU. However, Scotland faced financial struggles and had to find a way to be self sufficient.

For my objects, I created small packagings that would get sold at Tesco. They would contain de-hydrated food. The reason why Scotland would have this is because the food would be lasting longer, be cheaper, and it wouldn't need to be placed in the fridge which would encourage electricity savings. Along with the food, I designed a machine that would re-hydrate food. From the same company, is the trash converter. This would transform households rubbish into gasoline. This way, people would save money on expensive gasoline, but also save the planet from emitting much less C02 emissions, and have a clean environment by reducing rubbish thrown into fields.

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