2015 Adobe Illustrator CS6 | Adobe After Effects CS6
Skills needed: Composition, Camera, Illustration, Typography Back to Potfolio

This is a project that was given by the Edinburgh's Napier University. I was required to create a motion graphic video for a festival. I was to invent the festival and I needed to have at least 5 bands for the line up.

Cityfest is a festival that would allow people to travel through the city with the opportunity to participate to music scenes. There would be a trail that people would be able to take and that would lead to a music stage.

I decided to create a really moody video as Berlin is quite known for its night life. I was inspired by Tron and thought it would match with the concept I had about travelling; the video starts in space and ends up in the city of Berlin, almost like if Aliens knew about that festival!

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