Glasgow Doors Open Day

2015 Adobe Illustrator CS6 | Adobe InDesign CS6
Skills needed: Illustration, InDesign, Layout Back to Potfolio

As part of European Heritage Days, Glasgow Doors Open Day is an annual, city-wide event which takes place during the 3rd weekend of September. Buildings open their doors and allow access to the public. Additionally walks, tours, talks and special events take place presenting opportunities to discover and learn about Glasgow’s unique built heritage. The best part, its all free, made possible by Glasgow Building Preservation Trust, the organisers of the festival since 1990.

This was a brief given by the City of Glasgow College. I was required to design a leaflet that would include a map from one of the aera suggested; I chose the Barras. The concept behind this leaflet was to recreate the famous ceiling from the Barrowland's Ballroom. Due to its popularity in the 50's, I decided to adopt a look that would recall its good years.

The Barras is a major street and indoor weekend market in the East End of Glasgow, Scotland. The term barra is Glaswegian dialect for barrow, relating to the market's early years, where traders sold their wares from handcarts. Barrowland is sometimes used to describe the district itself where the market is located, which is actually officially known as Calton.

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