Film Stories

2015 Adobe Illustrator CS6 | Adobe After Effects CS6
Skills needed: Illustration, Printing, Animation Back to Potfolio

This project was for my HND2 graded unit in Graphic Design. My finals and my sketchbook managed to get me an A. (I just showed off, sorry about that.)

The brief required to design a serie of 3 posters, a digital element, and at least one touchpoint for a retrospective in Glasgow. I had the freedom to pick a film director of my choice for the event and I chose Wes Anderson (at your grand surprise).

He has a really particular style and visuals which makes him a recognizable director. Due to his retro/vintage style, I decided to adopt a telegram look for this serie of posters. The objective behind this concept was to recreate this idea of travelling, as Wes Anderson loves travelling (especially by train). And the telegram was the idea of exchanging too. The quotes I chose are also matching up with one another, as if it was telling a story.

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