2015 Adobe Illustrator CS6
Skills needed: Composition, Screen-Printing, Typography, Dexterity Back to Potfolio

A Haiku is a short Japanese poem of 17 syllables evoking images of the natural world. The brief proposed a selection of several haiku to choose from and required to create a body of analogue work around the theme of the chosen poem. The process had to be documented.

This brief was given by the City of Glasgow College and was divided in 3 parts and required: a minimum of 20 typographic panels that would work individually and have unity as a collective larger set, a single typographic composition to be screen printed using the same haiku used for the panels, and a film sequence showing the creative process from the 2 previous parts.

I personally really love that project as I had to experiment with a lot of materials that I am not really used to work with. I absolutely fell in love with screen printing methods too. However, it is not my best typographic work, but it was a great learning experience.

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