Linda's Jumper

2015 Adobe Illustrator CS6
Skills needed: Illustration, Illustrator Back to Potfolio

Linda McFly was portrayed by the late Wendie Jo Sperber (1958-2005), who had worked with Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis in three other films before Back to the Future. Linda is the sister of the main character, Marty Mcfly played by Michael J. Fox.

A Japanese client (Headgoonie) came to me in order to re create the famous jumper that Linda wears on a family picture seen during the movie. I entirely made the drawing by hand and recreated it on Illustrator. It has been screen-printed by the client and sold worldwide.

If you wish to purchase the jumper through Headgoonie, please visit Otherwise, it can be purchased on my Redbubble store, but I would recommend Headgoonie for a high quality print.

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