Paper Dreams

2016 Adobe Illustrator CS6 | Adobe Photoshop CS6 | Adobe InDesign CS6
Skills needed: Sewing, Photoshop, Dexterity, InDesign Back to Potfolio

This brief was given by the Edinburgh's Napier University and had been a quite challenging one. I was assigned to create clothes and accessories out of paper to create a critique around high fashion. I was given to work with the notorious French brand Coco Channel.

The jacket and the bag were really complicated items to make out of brown paper! They were to be wearable and functional. The bag does open and can be hold with the chain that I linked after lasercutting every single pieces. Same goes with the buttons of the jacket which has the well known logo on. The jacket could be worn too.

In the aim to enforce the idea, I created a zine that would talk about the problem that our society encounters. In this case, it talks about unecessary luxury items that people tend to buy for their image. They want to feel good about themselves and fuel that sensation that contributes in making them happy. Even though, it's a dreadful trap.

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