The auld alliance

2016 Adobe Illustrator CS6 | Adobe Photoshop CS6 | Adobe InDesign CS6
Skills needed: Photography, InDesign, Photoshop Back to Potfolio

The brief was given by the Edinburgh Napier's University and required to design a publication of a theme of our choice but related to Scotland. It was important to include intricate typography and personal photographs.

I decided to design a book about the Auld Alliance and the way that France and Scotland culturally inspired each others. After mind mapping, I foud out some similar terms, including the words classy and elegant. It helped me create this visual for the book. I have mainly used serif typeface, which I don't often use. Same with calligraphy, but it was really satisfying to create this front cover. It was a great challenge, and absolutely loved every bit of this project.

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