2015 Adobe Illustrator CS6 | Adobe InDesign CS6
Skills needed: Illustration, Binding, InDesign Back to Potfolio

A zine is a small self-published circulation of original texts and images thats usually employs very affordable production methods. The purpose of this brief was to create a zine featuring an aspect of the creative industries in Scotland and write articles based on the chosen field. The content had to be entirely made by myself and the style had to best suit the audience for the zine.

I was required to design a masthead, a format and title, a variety of grids applied to publication, a cover design, a front and back page and a minimum of 3 double page spreads.

I decided to make a zine about Prop replicas as I am myself a collector, and sometimes making my own props. I went to visit the Sorenzo Props workshop in Glasgow, and interviewed Thom Wall. It was a really interesting experience and learnt a lot about the business. I always loved the props from the show Mork & Mindy, and thought it would be interesting to have Robin Williams on the front cover.

If you want to order this zine, please contact me.

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